“I believe that so-called ‘retirement’ for Baby Boomers will be nothing like retirement was for our parents.”

Bruce Weidi Presents
Volatile investment markets, uncertainty about Social Security Benefits, and lack of corporate retirement pensions will make this a whole new world. For some Boomers, even the idea of old-fashion retirement will become archaic.

I can help you get through this. But it can’t all happen in a 1 hour weekly radio show! You need the details.

So Welcome to the Financial Learning Lounge! The Lounge begins where Straight Talk Wealth Radio ends each weekend. Here we bring you ALL the vital information, the details, and the practical implementation for you need today to Protect, Preserve, and Grow your financial resources for the years to come.

Come to any of our several events and learn to apply this knowledge to your own personal situation.

Thief in the Night

A Thief in the Night – Why the Next Big Crash in Stocks is Inevitable

Learn how global risk today will effect your investment plans for the future.

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Maximize Your Social Security

Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

Learn how increase your hard-earned Social Security retirement benefits by potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

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Best Kept Secret

Warren Buffet’s Best Kept Secret

Discover how Berkshire Hathaway hedges their risk in stock and commodities with a Non-Correlated asset class contractually guaranteed to reward them 5X returns from what they bought it for, with NO MARKET RISK. Previously only available to large financial institution, Bruce shows how individual can participate just the same with smaller amounts of funding. Even if the stock market or commodities markets fall apart, this asset class will pay, irregardless!

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